Botox Approved For Headaches

A local neurology group was instrumental in doing the research

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A treatment commonly used to smooth out wrinkles is now approved to treat migraine headaches and a local group is taking some credit.
The FDA approved the use of Botox for migraines based on two studies of more than 1,300 hundred patients.

A neurology group in the North Country was instrumental in doing the research that proved the treatment was effective.
It's been available for a long time but having the FDA approve it officially will make it more available to people through their insurances now,” Dr.James Grisolia, a local neurologist said.
He says Botox works by paralyzing the muscles that cause pain -- whether they're on the head, neck or shoulders.

“It's going to relax the muscles. It's also going to reduce the sensation of tension that goes in and feeds the headache in the brain,” Grisolia said.
One session can include dozens of shots -- and for the most severe cases -- can cost thousands of dollars for just one round of treatment.  It also wears off in about three months and there are risks, he warns.
“Because you are deliberately trying to relax a muscle its possible to relax a muscle too much or get the wrong muscle relaxed,” said Dr.Grisoloa. “It's just a question of making sure the medicine gets to the right muscles and not to the wrong muscles.”

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