Body Found in Backyard in Clairemont

A group of people digging in the backyard of a home in Clairemont, looking for evidence in a woman's disappearance, found a body Wednesday afternoon.

Late last week San Diego police got a call from a woman who said she came across information recently that a body may be buried in the yard behind the home at 5608 Tamres Drive.

The burial may have happened 12 to 15 years ago and may have involved a woman who was living at the home at the time, according to Lt. Terry McManus with SDPD.

Police searched for the woman’s death certificate and found none. As a result of the investigation, they felt the threat was credible enough they began digging in the backyard where they believe this woman may have been buried.

Using metal detectors, two cadaver dogs and shovels, they searched for bones or any trace of a body Wednesday, according to McManus.

San Diego police, the county medical examiner's office and Southwest search dogs are on scene.

The house belongs to Rand Washburn. He is the son of the woman believed to be buried in the yard. Washburn is in the hospital and not currently at the home.

The adult missing persons unit is handling the investigation.

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