Little Hurricane Weather Birth and Grief for ‘Love Luck'

In the wake of monumental changes for Tone and CC, including a newborn and the loss of CC's brother, came a new birth

Imagine juggling studio time, tour, a newborn and grief -- all at the same time. And leading up to that, imagine going on a 12-country, 60-show tour, up to your ninth month of pregnancy. 

For the past year or two, drummer Celeste "CC" Spina, of local blues-rock duo Little Hurricane, has been living that reality with her husband and Little Hurricane vocalist/guitarist Anthony "Tone" Catalano. 

"It wasn't always easy, but, like always, we made the best of it. We would make sure our baby was well fed and safe, put a video monitor on him, and sneak away into the studio. I would watch him from my phone perched atop my drum set, which could be distracting, but eventually we all got into a flow," CC said in a press release.

Sadly, with the joy of that birth came the grief of losing CC's brother, who died after a fall following heart surgery. 

"The loss of my brother definitely affected our record and our work. Grief can take months or even years from your life. The fact that my brother was a musician made music a hard place to find comfort in. But after time we returned to the studio, and even managed to pay small tributes to him throughout the album. My brother had a difficult life, but love and luck were something he never lacked. I think he would be proud," CC said.

In the wake of those monumental changes for Tone and CC, came a new birth: "Love Luck," the blues rock duo's new album, set for release on Aug. 9.

In support of that album, Little Hurricane will embark on a nationwide tour that starts on Aug. 2 and arrives at San Diego's Music Box on Friday, Oct. 11.

Little Hurricane headline Music Box on Friday, Oct. 11. Get tickets here.

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