Bloggers Mix It Up at Downtown “Run-in”

Collaboration encouraged


About 100 local-based bloggers were away from keyboard Wednesday night, browsing the SDBloggers March Run-In at Ra Sushi in downtown.

The casual networking event attracted web writers of various interests — from sports to fashion, lifestyle to automobile — in hopes of combining interests and specialties and advancing the blogosphere’s development.

“The main thing for me,” said Al Horne, who blogs for and, “is sharing information, techniques and strategies, and understanding what other people are doing that is working for them and how I can apply that to what I’m doing.”

Founded in 2007, SDBloggers hosted the event. NBC San Diego was also a sponsor.

SDBloggers encouraged attendees to collaborate to each other’s platforms through guest blogging.

Matt Browne, one of 500 SDBloggers writers, said running a blog can be a “full-time responsibility,” which makes guest blogging useful for beginners.

“There’s a lot there,” Browne said, “and if you have an idea every other week or once a week, and your ideas are very random and you’re not exactly sure what you want to blog about, guest blogging is a great way to get your feet wet in the community.

“Say, ‘I’m doing a little bit over here, a little bit over there,’ and when you strike a chord, then you can start a real blog.”

Sugar Jones, who runs a blog called Sugar in the Raw, described the local blogger scene as a close-knit community.

“It’s just a big group of friends,” Jones said, “You can come by yourself, and you’d never be alone.”

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