Blink-182's Latest and Greatest Gifts

Past and present members of Blink-182 delivered new goods to the band's faithful

Blink-182's in the news again and thankfully this time, it's not for dire, health-related reasons: With drummer Travis Barker finally cleared by doctors to play again and the band's Las Vegas "Kings of the Weekend" residency currently underway at the Palms Casino Resort, the San Diego trio is back doing what they do best -- making music.

Last Friday, superstar DJ Steve Aoki dropped a brand-new single titled "Why Are We So Broken," which features -- you guessed it -- our hometown pop-punk heroes. The two acts have collaborated before (Aoki remixed the band's "Bored to Death" single back in 2016) but it'll mark the band's first new track since the release of the 2017 deluxe edition of their sixth studio album "California."

The two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/producer and Barker have been buds for more than a decade. According to a new interview with Alternative Press, they're pretty excited to have been able to work together on Aoki's new album "Neon Future III" (out now).

“I’ve been friends with Steve for over 15 years, [so] doing a song with Steve and my band just came so easy,” Barker explained. “I think this song is a good balance between Steve Aoki and Blink-182.”

Aoki echoed that statement: "Blink-182 are one of my favorite bands in the world, and they happen to be some of my close friends. There’s nothing better than making music with good friends that inspire the hell out of you."

Not to be outdone, the band's former guitarist/co-vocalist, Tom DeLonge (who's been busy running his To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences), also dropped a new gift for fans on Nov. 8 -- a children's book titled "Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes?"

According to the book's synopsis, the storytale (illustrated by artist Ryan Jones) is a "hilarious adventure to find out who is quite rude and left our dude in the nude!"

The book is scheduled to be released on Nov. 30, and the first 200 customers of the book will receive a pair of "Instant Underpants" with their order. [Buy it here]. The first-edition hardcover version of the book also comes with DeLonge's autograph on the inside, a Christmas ornament, and a limited-edition Flexi Vinyl of the audiobook read by DeLonge himself.

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