Blink-182 Announce New Album ‘Nine'

The hometown pop-punk icons are officially back at it with a new album due in September

'What's my age again?' That's the question I keep asking myself this morning after Blink-182 officially announced their forthcoming new studio album "Nine," due out Sept. 20 via Columbia Records.

Indeed, my internal giddiness at the prospect of our hometown pop-punk icons releasing their eighth full-length (not the ninth as its title would imply; good one, guys) had me feeling like the snotty, up-to-no-good 15-year-old who nearly wore out "Dude Ranch" on his Sony Discman in 1997 and bagged the trio's groceries (mainly beer) at a Truckee Safeway before their Warped Tour show at Boreal Resort the same year.

Of course, times have changed: "Nine" marks Mark Hoppus' and Travis Barker's second album with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba in Tom DeLonge's former guitarist/vocalist role (he's busy hunting aliens and UFOs and stuff) and the Grammy nominees are currently in the midst of a headlines-making tour with none other than Lil Wayne. (Oh, and in case you forgot, it stops at North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre on Aug. 7)

First announced during the band's July 19 performance on "Good Morning America," the group took to Instagram to drop the album's colorful cover.

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A post shared by blink-182 (@blink182) on Jul 25, 2019 at 6:13am PDT

Its first single, "Blame It on My Youth" (released back in May), seemed to elicit quite a polarizing reception between longtime fans and younger listeners and was followed up by two more tracks "Generational Divide" (fitting, no?) and "Happy Days."

A brand-new single, "Darkside," is due out at midnight on Thursday, July 25, and if you're so inclined, go ahead and call the number 323-831-0182 for a 15-second sneak preview (your own phone charges apply and all that).

At the same exact time "Darkside" is released, fans will be able to order various pre-order purchase options of "Nine" (including a limited-edition color vinyl pressing) at Step to it.

Blink-182's 'Nine' tracklist

  • 1. “The First Time”
  • 2. “Happy Days”
  • 3. “Heaven”
  • 4. “Darkside”
  • 5. “Blame It On My Youth”
  • 6. “Generational Divide”
  • 7. “Run Away”
  • 8. “Black Rain”
  • 9. “I Really Wish I Hated You”
  • 10. “Pin the Grenade”
  • 11. “No Heart To Speak Of”
  • 12. “Ransom”
  • 13. “On Some Emo S---”
  • 14. “Hungover You”
  • 15. “Remember To Forget Me”

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