Behind Closed Doors

Find a fabulous bra, pick up a little guy for cuddling and score some new bedroom furniture on the cheap.

GETTING FIT: There are few women who sit and ponder the dynamics of a bra. At the new Intimacy store in Fashion Valley Mall, however, the sales associates are obsessed, and now through August 9 they are having a 70% off sale. From the straps to the wires, these women know how to make you look and feel better in your brassiere. Stop by (or make a reservation) for a free fitting appointment learn  what size bra you actually wear, how a bra should be constructed and how to care for your undergarments.

CUDDLE BUDDIES: It's hard to pass a pillow without giving it a squeeze, and these be-gnomed creations from San Diego's Pixelknit are no exception. They come in a variety of muted shades and feature faux suede backing for easy care and comfort. Pillows with Sasquatch silhouettes are also available, as are cute knit elephant zipper pouches. Items range in price from $8 - $62, and can be purchased in their Etsy shop.

LOUNGE WHERE: The sky is blue, the birds are singing and the sun is shining bright, but sometimes you just want a little time to veg out at home. If you need some more comfortable ways to kick up your feet, Legends Home Furnishing in Hillcrest is liquidating their entire store of contemporary sofas, sectionals, chairs and bedroom sets, and the sales associates are open to offers. If your decor is lacking, pick up a lamp, mirror or wall hanging for up to 50% off. The sale will continue until everything is gone.

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