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Tips on saving big bucks this holiday weekend

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Labor Day is a popular holiday to bring out the barbeque, but that can be expensive.

“Our favorite is filet of course, but we're going to smoke a brisquit this weekend,” said shopper Jennifer Holmes.

These days, many people are trying to save money wherever they can. Even at the grill.

“I want to use something good, so I might cut down on the amount of times I barbeque throughout the month but I like quality meat,” said shopper David Halverson.

But quality can come with a big price tag. So is it possible to pass up on Filet Mignon and New York Steak and still get a tasty meal on a budget?

“We have what's known as a flat iron, it comes from the top blade of the chuck.  And it sounds like it's going to be tough but it's one of the most tender pieces of meat ever,” said Iowa Meats spokesperson Richie Vought.

Vought says there are a number of good quality cuts of meat selling under $10 a pound.  A simple top sirloin can be packed with flavor and tri-tip is popular on a budget.

“That's an inexpensive, very, very lean, very, very tender,” said Vought.

Even cheaper are ribs -- with prices from $3 to $6 a pound.

If you go with an inexpensive slice of meat, the key then is how you prepare it.

“A little bit of vinegar, garlic, lots of garlic. Salt and pepper, seasoning salt,” said Vought.

A good rub or marinade can hide flaws and bring out the most in a piece of meat.

And then there's how you cook it. Obviously people's tastes differ on this, but Vought says there is one rule at the grill.

“Don't burn your meat,” he said laughing. “That's the main thing. Don't overcook it.”

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