Batmobiles Showcased at Comic-Con

For the first time ever, Comic-Con attendees will have the chance to see live in person all of Batman's onscreen vehicles on display in 'The Batcave."

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Fans can check out the vehicles driven by the iconic Batman just outside the San Diego Convention Center. The exhibit is available to those without a convention pass!
The Keaton Batmobile is an electronic wizard that is filled with many gadgets making it quick for escapes. Everything on this supercar was handcrafted with all the latest gadgets and parts.
This supercar batmobile has voice command recognition, twin browning submachine guns, grenades, full body armor, Batdisc launchers, hydraulic lift, oil slick dispensers and even smoke dispensers.
Michael Keaton’s Batmobile from 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns.
Talk about power. This sensational creation can operate from 0 to 60 MPH in less than 3.7 seconds. It was created to be the ultimate in automotive styling, engineering and design.
Introducing the Tumbler, the vehicle that has ever been named something other than a Batmobile. A true model kit of a hybrid between a Humvee and Lamborghini.
Check out these 4 Rear 44 inch super swampers and the jet burner with vector controls for the jet. Also attached are backend flaps for quick stops. This high-powered mode of transportation for Batman is featured in 2005, Batman Begins and 2008, The Dark Knight.
The full-scale vehicle is powerful both inside and out. It is powered by a 25-gallon propane tank that shoots flames out of the rear exhaust.
Check this super fly vehicle out as its fins rise majestically from the rear of its body and the shine of the illuminated hubcaps of the bat design catch your eye.
This is Beyond sleek. Take a look at this organic beauty batmobile as the Blue-white light shine through the ribbed body. What a gorgeous yet terrifying vehicle.
The new and improved Camouflage Tumbler. Make sure to go check out and see the new Tumbler at Comic-Con. This vehicle will also be featured in the 2012, The Dark Knight Rises, Coming to theaters on July 20.
Attack! This powerful supercar is known for armor plating, auto canons, and caltrops. Watch out because it can fool you by going into silent mode to evade both enemies and police.
In 1955, the build of a futuristic concept car called the Lincoln Futura was made for the 1965 Batman TV series and 1966 Batman, the Movie.
This Bat-like vehicle operates with a Ford full race engine that weighs 5500 lbs and has many gadgets featuring a batphone, batscope, bat-turn lever, chain-slicer, bat-ram, bat-computer, batray reactors, laser beams, and a bat smoke screen.
With 40 coats of super gloss black paint this true beauty is on display and ready to shine.
The size of this batmobile beast is 33 feet long, by 5 feet high and can reach up to 350 mph with afterburner thrust. Other features of this model include; a independent suspension; illuminated blue hubcaps; pulsing chassis lights and six flame columns that produce a V-shaped exhaust pattern six feet long. This is the only single seated convertible with a catapult ejection seat. This was featured in Batman and Robin.
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