Backyard Sub to Make Global Splash

A submarine that began its life as a rusty hulk in a North County back yard is set to circle the globe.

Escondido resident Scott Cassell unveiled his now shiny, 21st-century craft, which can dive up to 500 feet for three days at a time, on Monday in Long Beach.

In a news conference at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Cassell said the Great White sub would be the centerpiece of the five-year Undersea Voyager Project. Cassell hopes that information gathered during the voyage about deteriorating ocean conditions will propagate conservation efforts.

"We're going to make an international call for scientists," Cassell said Monday. "We get to publish at the same time as them. We get to be a data clearinghouse, so the entire world knows what's going on."

"People do not protect what they do not know about," Cassell said.

Cassell has transformed that rusty shell in less than a year, reported the North County Times. Since then, he has raised $2.5 million for the project. Read the story on for more details.

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