Baby Rentals Go on Vacation

Franchise offers baby equipment to holiday travelers

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Checking bags is expensive enough, trying checking a car seat, a stroller and a crib -- forget it!

That's why baby equipment rental companies are popping up in popular travel cities. Travel BaBees is one growing franchise that offers everything from cribs to baby bouncers for traveling families and destination grandparents.

"You want to go on vacation and have a good time, and if you're child is not happy, you're not gonna have fun," said Travel BaBees' Genevieve Koesling.

Genevieve and fellow mom Tracy Chin have opened a franchise in San Diego. They say lots of families show up without the bare baby essentials.

"You're in a hotel and you can't lug your toys with you," said Tracy Chin, a former golf company executive. "We do all kinds of toys for specific age ranges."

Her partner, a former school teacher, said cribs, strollers and high chairs are some of their most popular rentals. A full-size crib rents for $12 a day, while a standard stroller costs $7 and a jogging stroller rents for 10 buck per day.

Cleanliness is an issue in these day of germ-awareness. The women said that all of their equipment and toys are sanitized with organic cleaners and a steam cleaner.

"If I wouldn't put my child in it, I would not give it to our customers," Koesling said.

The Travel BaBees franchise started in the San Francisco Bay area in 2006 and has eight locations across the United States.

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