Artists Vie for a Spot on ‘The Wall'

The phrase "The Wall" may bring to mind Pink Floyd, Berlin or Facebook.

But in just a few weeks, The Wall will be built near Mission Bay to serve as a canvas to dozens of artists celebrating nature and at the same time giving hope to homeless children.

How is this possible?

One of the features of the Elemental Experience Music and Arts Festival to be held May 2 is a huge living art mural that will stand 12-feet tall and 50-feet long.

The event, organized by, hopes to raise $500,000 to build a shelter for the homeless, and to fight youth homelessness.

The non-profit festival will celebrate music with Matisyahu, Jay Nash, Mason Jennings, local favorite Pinback, Bassnectar, Dirty Sweet and Pete and J.

While the music plays, artists will be working on dedicated sections of the mural, providing concert goers with their vision of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Event co-sponsor Field Trip will provide a Masonite wall (which is carbon-neutral, thank you) and eco-friendly paints.  At the end of the festival, the wall will be dismantled and auctioned off for charity.

Local artists will have a chance to be part of the event. On April 22, a competition will be held at a local Earth Day celebration where two artists will be selected to join the mural.

Giving local artists a platform and a voice is Field Trip's main mission.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for a couple thousand people to come out and see their pieces,” said Stevie Dreher of Field Trip. " In a city of well over 1 million people we should have an art or music scene that’s comparable to a Los Angeles or New York. You don’t have to look elsewhere for inspiration. There are amazing artists here in San Diego.”

You don't have to be a professional artist to express yourself at the festival. There will be a small section of wall with paint and puff pens available so you can add your masterpiece to the mural.

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