Art By the Inch

Fifteen artists in a North County art gallery set to work earlier this week on a mural that will be cut into pieces and sold "by the inch."

Swirling colors onto a thick, 30-foot-long piece of paper, the artists -- all women -- working in a Fallbrook art Gallery are members of the nonprofit Brandon Gallery on Main Avenue, and their latest strokes will become part of a larger work of art to raise money for the gallery, organizers said, reported the North County Times.

Coordinator Carol Zaleski said the gallery will play host to a reception June 27 and divide the mural into hundreds of smaller pieces to be sold at $1 per square inch.

That translates into $80 for an 8-by-10-inch piece, or up to several hundred dollars for larger pieces. One customer has already requested a 3-by-12-inch piece of the mural, which will cost $36 when it is sliced out and framed later this month. Organizers hope to raise thousands of dollars from the sale.


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