Are You Ready for Street Scene?!

The headliners will arrive in San Diego for Street Scene 2009 -- get ready!

2009 San Diego Street Scene is keeping us on our toes with an evolving entertainment lineup that just keeps getting better and better.

In case you've been living under a rock, by now you've heard the sad news that the Beastie Boys will not be headlining. Street Scene was disappointed to confirm the cancellation of the Beastie Boys performance due to Adam "MCA" Yauch's cancerous tumor. Luckily it was caught early, is localized in one area, and is considered very treatable, but the Beastie Boys are a no-go here in SD.

But the show must go on and a new addition will be sure to excite the crowd -- Public Enemy aka Flaaavor Flaaaaaav will be arriving in San Diego, along with the rest of the PE Crew, just in time for the weekend.

Day Divide: Street Scene has a way of playing with our emotions, as it holds out on the day divide until about a month in advance of the show. You can now see what groups will be performing on what day, so you can make sure you have the right ticket packages. Check out the band line-up per day for 2009 Street Scene.

In case you’ve missed the enthusiastic promotions blasting, Street Scene is once again returning to its roots in the streets of East Village on Friday, August 28th and Saturday, August 29th from 4pm to Midnight. Over this past month, Street Scene has continued to add more value to your buck with the announcements of new entertainers to play with headliners the Black Eyed Peas and M.I.A. including Busta Rhymes, The Faint, Nortec Collective Bostich + Fussible, Delta Spirit, The Knux, Dungen, Gram Rabbit, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue and Dirty Sweet.

Last year, Street Scene delivered such performers as Justice, Spoon, Tegan and Sarah, MGMT, The National, Does it Offend You, Yeah? and many more.

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