Anthology Welcomes Jazz Legend

Arturo Sandoval -- one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time comes to San Diego for a very special performance -- and we're telling you that, if you're a jazz fan, it doesn't get better than this!

One of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, Sandoval, is also the winner of numerous awards: 4 Grammys, 6 Billboard awards and an Emmy. But with all of this under his belt and with more than 49 years of experience, the thing that Sandoval seems to enjoy the most is just to play and entertain people.

Sandoval played at San Diego jazz hot spot Anthology Wednesday night.

"We got a gig here tonight, that's what musicians do," joked Sandoval about Wednesday nights performance. "We're very fortunate because we got a gig."

"We're gonna have a lot of fun," said Sandoval. "I really hope that the people in the audience tonight are going to have the same amount of fun as we're gonna have onstage."

He was born and raised in Cuba but came to the U.S. to pursue his musical dreams. He waited until his family could come with him because he said, "family is first".

Sandoval also plays the piano, among other instruments, but when asked why he always comes back to jazz he replied, "Jazz is really sincere music, it's something you speak out of your heart. I love music, period."

And we have to agree that, hands down, the music loves him.

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