Animal-Friendly Sleepover

Don't sacrifice an animal for your next overnighter.

Matt & Nat

During the holiday season, many of us travel to see family, friends or just to get away from the madness. It's also around these times that we realize how inadequate/old/worn out our luggage is starting to get.

If you're in the market for a nice, new overnight bag but you just spent your last dollar on Aunt Susie, never fear. Matt & Nat have created the lovely "vegan leather" Bauhuas overnight bag that looks and feels as sumptuous as the real thing. However, it doesn't cost you a pretty penny or an animal its life, and it uses recycled materials for its trimming.

With ample packing room, a variety of external pockets and even a place to hold pens, you'll be able to use and love this bag over and over again, even when the holidays are long gone.

Buy it at Matt & Nat's vegan-friendly store online for $285.

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