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Whether you're combining offbeat styles or layering unusual patterns that (somehow) look good together, good fashion is all about mixing it up. That's why the mall is the perfect destination for a fashionista. There, you can amble, browse, and choose a la carte the components of an eclectic -- and exciting! -- wardrobe.

In our gallery below, we've picked seven great high-and-low finds from Fashion Valley, that one-stop-shop for every stylish lady's retail needs. 

And, for those of you concerned with getting combination basics down, we're also offering some basic mix-and-match style tips. Check 'em out:

One Shapely Piece + One Slouchy Piece Works
Tailored jackets with slouchy pants have become a workplace staple. Don't be afraid to go chic up top and more casual below. 

Ethnic and World Styles Go Well With Metals and Military Looks
For every earth-toned or animal print heel, dress, or blouse, there's a great form-fitting military jacket with gleaming, offset buttons and buckles. The metals help ground the dramatic colors and patterns, creating something chic and powerful.

Complementary Colors
When combining pieces from different brands and stores, try to avoid mixing two primary colors. Primary colors (e.g., red and green) make the other look more intense. It can be a tricky look to pull off, and one you won't be able to do without attracting a lot of (possibly bad) attention. Instead, go with two intermediate colors (e.g., bluish-green, and umber red perhaps) that blend more easily.

That's it for now! For more style ideas and a full list of awesome shops, check out Fashion Valley on Facebook.

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