Alle Farben: Music's Best Friend

DJ Alle Farben talks with SoundDiego about the art of the album and future plans

DJ Alle Farben (aka Frans Zimmer) was in an incredibly good mood when he recently spoke with SoundDiego, especially given that he just spent 10 hours on a plane.

The Berlin-based producer and DJ is in the U.S. to play three select dates stateside: Lollapalooza in Chicago and two club dates in San Diego (Bang Bang on Friday, July 29) and San Francisco.

Touring on his recent, Ultra-released sophomore album, “Music Is My Best Friend,” Zimmer has seen its lead single “Please Tell Rosie” garner well past 20 million Spotify plays in less than a month.

SoundDiego recently got on the phone to speak with the 31-year-old performer about the art of the album, quick trips to America, and where he plans on recording his next album.

Scott McDonald: In a genre dominated by singles, what motivates you to continue to make albums?

Alle Farben: When you have an album, I think it makes more impact. You can show off your repertoire. You can tour around it. But making an album is more of a wish from me as an artist, maybe, than it is useful. For me, it was important to make an album. I like to tell a whole story, not just a page. It feels good to put singles out, but an entire album feels better.

SM: Is it something you’ll continue to do?

AF: I will. I think it’s kind of a dying thing. With iTunes and streaming services, people just don’t buy the whole album much anymore. But there are those who still like to have the whole story. And as long as they are there, I will continue to produce whole albums.

SM: You’re in America for only three dates -- Lollapalooza and two club dates. Do you enjoy the juxtaposition of such dramatically different shows?

AF: I do appreciate festivals. But it’s great to be able to still go into a club and be understood as an artist as well. A lot of bigger EDM artists will stop playing in clubs. For me, I came from the clubs. It’s very familiar to me to see the audience and get connected with nearly every person there. After a set of two or three hours, you leave the DJ booth and it feels like you played in your living room with a better sound system.

SM: Your new album, “Music Is My Best Friend,” just came out. Are you also looking ahead or just concentrating on that for now?

AF: I’m absolutely working on future plans as well. I already have a few musical sketches done for the third album. And I have a dream -- I want to work on it in the jungles of Thailand. I’ve been there on tour and on holiday, and I started thinking, “why don’t I produce here?” I’m always wondering why I keep working in Berlin when it’s frozen and gray. So, next year, I think I’m going to try that. I make happy music. I’m going to try making it in a happy place.  

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