Drums Overrun the Kava Lounge

The Kava Lounge hosts an all-star lineup of SD producers, beat makers and DJs Sunday

On Sunday, Aug. 10 the Kava Lounge hosts an all-star lineup of San Diego producers, beat makers, and DJs -- all bleeding-edge artists who have been busy crafting a dusty, lo-fi, drum-heavy sound which in many ways has come to represent San Diego.

Electronic noise duo Skrapez are scheduled to play. Known for their homegrown DIY punk ethos and drum programming, DJ Tenshun and Psychopop have been releasing lo-fi cassettes, silk screening t-shirts and putting out their own 7" inch singles since the early '00s. Mythical, with a cult-like following -- their aggressive, in-your-face, post punk sound is pure testosterone. If angry cavemen pounded on drum machines instead of painting in caves, Skrapez is what they would have sounded like. They're masters at programming crunchy drums, using white noise and space-like instruments all at ear-splitting volume.

Kill Quanti label head and Illuminauts beat maker, Santino Romeri, is also on the bill with his experimental dub outfit, the Most Hi. Released in 2013, "The Most Hi" EP finds the Chula Vista native setting aside the glitchy production of his Illuminauts work for a collection of songs influenced by reggae rhythms full of heavy bass, dirty drums, and vocals thick with reverb.

While heavy hitters like DRB, Drumetrics, Hezus, RSI and Mazzy Star disciples Angels Dust round out the Kava Lounge bill, the legendary MRR (who has inspired Skrapez, Hezus, and many others) will also be making a rare appearance onstage.

The biggest draw just might be the mysterious "DJ Willow." The name might not be familiar, but believe me, you've heard of this guy. The hometown hero and prodigal son will make his triumphant return on Sunday. After honing his hard edged sound in venues in and around San Diego, "DJ Willow" changed his name, headed to Los Angeles, met a few people, shook a few hands and blew up!

On Sunday, Aug. 10 "DJ Willow" brings it full circle.

J. Smith, aka 1019, is a San Diego native, rap fan and one half of the rap duo Parker & the Numberman. You can follow him on Instagram at 1019_the_numberman or on Twitter

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