A Family That Eats Together…

 They're gearing up, at a time many others are winding down.  Firefighters around the county are on the clock, round-the-clock, and despite fewer calls coming in, firefighters said it's an important time to enhance the strength of the force in other ways.

In Ramona Tuesday, firefighters got together to cook a big breakfast and invited only a few outsiders, including some news crews, to enjoy the food and talk about what's expected with the holiday and the rain.

 "We get to sit down at the table, talk about the day, talk about our plans, things we need to take care of around the station," said firefighter Jared Andrade.  "If we're able to act like a family here we can act like a family out there."

At Fire Station 80 in Ramona, there are plenty of calls that do come in this time of year. They include unattended food and kitchen fires with more people home and cooking.

Monday, the crew was called to a small fire caused by a toaster oven, according to Capt. Don Davis.  He also said there's an
increase in chimney fires and calls for weather-related accidents on the road. 

Still, it's about as far away from brush fire season as our county gets which means more time for team-building. The hope is that when fire season arrives again, firefighters will be ready.

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