Happy 91x Loudspeaker Day

91x's long-running, local-music radio show Loudspeaker has its very own day thanks to Mayor Kevin Faulconer

You know what they say: Every dog has its day. In the case of 91x's long-running, local-music radio show Loudspeaker, that particular day is Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

The program, hosted by Tim Pyles (with contributions from co-hosts Lou Niles and Andrew Rowley), is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and in honor of its contributions to the local music community, Mayor Kevin Faulconer recently declared July 31, 2018 as 91x Loudspeaker Day in the city of San Diego.

On Tuesday, City Councilman David Alvarez will present the station with a special proclamation.

To commemorate the occasion, 91x is hosting a special Loudspeaker night at the Casbah the same night, featuring a few artists that have been prominently featured on the show over the years: Rob Crow (Pinback), Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot, Black Heart Procession), Chris Cote (Kut U Up), Low Volts and others. For more information, head here.

"Having the opportunity to champion and support our local music community has been incredible all these years," Pyles (a SoundDiego contributer) told us, when we asked him about the proclamation.

In a 91x.com article, he also said: "I feel extremely lucky to support our music scene, the musicians and playing a role in exposing these artists to the masses, that's the goal anyway. For 20 years, I have had the privilege of playing a direct role in helping musicians realize their dreams, that is a good feeling."

Loudspeaker originally got off the ground in 1988 at 91x (which began broastcasting five years earlier in 1983) by host Marco Collins. Throughout the years, various hosts have taken turns behind the mic, but in 2014, Pyles, Rowley and Niles (who all had long stints hosting individually in years prior) returned as a team.

There's no doubt Loudspeaker had an impact on major label interest in San Diego bands in the '90s. From Rocket From the Crypt and Drive Like Jehu to Blink-182 and Jewel, the local radio show proved instrumental to the success of these artists, exposing them to bigger and bigger audiences.

Thirty years on, Loudspeaker is still hard at work trying to support the scene and break local artists. Congratulations to Pyles, Niles, Rowley and everyone else involved with the show at the station on the much-deserved recognition -- and a happy 91x Loudspeaker Day to all!

91x Loudspeaker is broadcast on Sundays from 7-10 p.m.

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