Would You Sleep in the Cold for $1 iPod?

The first nine customers get a killer deal at a new 99¢ Only Store.

012109 Ipod Nano lead

Some customers got a killer deal at a new 99¢ Only Store Thursday -- an iPod for under a buck. But they had to sleep in the cold.

A new “99¢ Only Store” opened on Poway Road at 8 a.m. The first nine customers bought an Apple 8GB iPod Nano for just 99.99¢. Apple.com normally sells them for $149.

The first person in line had been there since early Wednesday afternoon – and he wasn’t alone.

“They lined up for well over 24 hours and they deserve to get the benefit of sleeping overnight in this cold California weather,” 99¢ Only Store President Jeff Gold said.

Hundreds stood in line hoping to snatch either an iPod or one of the other promotional deals.

“There were about 200-300 people in line easily, and we expect over 1,000 people today to come through the doors,” Gold said.

He says the company is thriving in these tough economic times and that value seems to be in fashion these days.

“A lot of our suppliers are having the same challenges that everybody else is and that enables us to get some of the best values that we’ve ever had,” Gold said.

If you missed the iPod, the deals don’t stop there.

  • The next 99 customers can purchase a scooter for only 99.99¢.
  • The next 99 customers can purchase The Art of Pirates of The Caribbean 12"x14" book -- a $50 value for 99.99¢
  • The following 99 customers can purchase a Belkin Netmaster mouse -- a $12 value for 99.99¢.

In addition, for the next six days the store will offer these deals:

  • Friday, October 30: First 99 customers can buy a Nail Art airbrush system that includes paints, stencils and nail jewels -- a $20 value -- for 99.99¢.
  • Saturday, October 31: First 99 customers can buy DaVinci Project 100-page book with DVD - a
  • $15.95 value for 99.99¢ only!
  • Sunday, November 1: First 99 customers can buy the Best of Friends 4-pack DVD collection -- a $24.95 value -- for 99.99¢.
  • Monday, November 2: First 99 customers can buy an Oneida 9-slot cutlery block -- a $12 value -- for 99.99¢.
  • Tuesday, November 3: First 99 customers can buy a Backstroke Back Massager that includes an instructional video -- a $19 value -- for 99.99¢.
  • Wednesday, November 4: First 99 customers can buy Automatic Powered Scissors -- a $19.95 value -- for 99.99¢.

We want to know what kind of deal would make you sleep overnight in the cold. Comment below or chime in on twitter @nbcsandiego or on our facebook fan page NBCSanDiego.com.

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