8 Top Music Videos of 2014

There were a lot of contenders this year, but we highlight eight of our favorite music videos of 2014

Here at SoundDiego, we have the real privilege of seeing a lot of music videos throughout the year. We've featured more than we can count since our TV show's inception and over the last year alone, we've seen some of the best ever. While live videos shot on iPhones and at shows are fun and all, we have a particularly soft spot for professionally produced mini-films -- and with that in mind, we'd like to highlight just a few of our favorite videos we had on SoundDiego TV over the course of 2014. Of course, there are a ton more out there deserving of high praise, so if you think of one (or several) that needs to be featured, let us know in the comments.

  • Brothers Weiss, "Conversations": One of the best indie rock bands in town, Brothers Weiss take a backseat in their own video. The camera follows a hard-partying dude losing control of his life amid hearty bouts of self-medication. We like whiskey as much as the next guy, so take it from us: moderation is key. Watch it here.
  • Josh Damigo, "Just Give Me a Call": Damigo's made a reputation for himself as one of the hardest working musicians in town and it shows in his new album, "I Will Be There," on which he's never sounded better -- and in his sunny video for his infectious single, "Just Give Me a Call." Watch it here.
  • Ed Ghost Tucker, "Sofia": Somehow, the film crew behind this video captures the beautiful dreaminess of Ed Ghost Tucker's single, "Sofia" -- and we can't stop watching it. Or listening to their just-released debut EP, "Channels." Watch it here.
  • Grand Tarantula, "We're Gonna Get You High": In a music video that blurs the line between Calvin Klein and Bronx Pizza commercials -- we're buying whatever it is they're selling. In this case, it's Grand Tarantula's party brand of fuzz rock. Watch it here.
  • Mini Death, "Creeper Status": An animated love story between skeletons? What's there not to like from this infectious garage rock group, led by primo creeper, Tess Passero. Watch it here.
  • Nicky Venus, "Legacy": Venus took home Best Pop at this year's San Diego Music Awards, and for good reason -- the guy knows how to put an addictive tune together. In his video for "Legacy," he takes some time out from making instantly memorable New Wave tunes for something seemingly a bit more devious. Watch it here.
  • Jimmy Ruelas, "She's Leaving Town": Ruelas channels early Dylan and Pete Seeger for his meager brand of "workingman's blues" -- and it definitely shows in his smokey video for "She's Leaving Town." Watch it here.
  • Soft Lions, "Soft as Lions": Our favorite self-described "moody, psychedelic, post-Riot Grrl noise" trio brave public transportation and cutesy scooters to meet up for a rock sesh and a picnic in real fields of gold. Sting would be proud. Watch it here.

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