5-Year-Old Saves Mother's Life … Twice

A 5-year-old boy in El Cajon was honored as a hero Friday for saving his mother's life.

Mason Young couldn't wake his mother on the morning of October 16. On Friday he explained how he immediately went for help.

"I knocked on people's doors and told them to call 911.  I got two people," said Young.

His mother had a diabetic seizure in her sleep.  Knowing her condition, she had prepared him for the possibilities.

"We do drills, pick up the phone, call 911.  If you're uncomfortable, keep pounding on the doors until you get somebody," Mason's Mom, Carrie Galinsky said.

While he didn't make the call himself, what he did was no small feat.

"To be able to tell us what's happening, to be able to facilitate a 911 call, when a lot of cases of adult callers can't come close to what he accomplished," Joel Elder from the El Cajon Police Department said.

Top ranking firefighters and police officers applauded Young for a job well done.  But most thankful is his mother. Just last Thursday, Mason was called upon again. His mother had another seizure and he went to neighbors again to have them call 911.

"I'm extremely proud of him, I could not live alone with out him," Galinsky said. "He's my hero, he really is."

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