“24” Promises to Be Explosive

“We still blow s*** up,” "24" star Kiefer Sutherland promised fans when he discussed the upcoming changes for the show at a panel in Ballroom 20 at San Diego's Comic-Con on Friday.

Day 8 (and season 8) of "24" will undoubtedly kick off with a bang and promises to hold twists and turns that will surprise even the most loyal "24" viewers. “This season is the culmination of everything Jack has worked for”, said showrunner, Howard Gordon.

According to the creators of the show, seasons 7 and 8 will be more connected than any of the others, helping to keep its loyal viewer base that much more enthralled with some new additions to the cast including Freddie Prinze Junior and Katee Sackhoff.

Prinze, Jr. admitted that before being cast on "24," he was always a fan. He will play Cole Ortiz, an ex-Marine who struggles to balance rage and anger with discipline and self-control. Another recent addition, Sackhoff, was also a fan of the show. “I basically called my manager and was like get me on '24!'”, she said.

The new season will pose all new threats including the problems that arise at a UN Peace Conference between the President of the United States and the President of Iran, something that the writers say will hit home with audiences because it is so close to reality.

There has been talk of making the series into a film franchise, but those present insisted that they would not move forward on that opportunity unless they felt that the series was no longer viable on television. However, fans were elated when Southerland added that if there was a film “we would be happy to make it.”

“It has been the gift of a lifetime to play Jack Bauer…I don’t know many actors who have gotten to play a character who gets to shop off a head and put it in a duffle bag for evidence…the sky is the limit," Sutherland said. Like his character, this show is certainly one of a kind.

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