17 Schools Considered for Closing

The budget crisis is wreaking havoc again on schools. Bracing for mid-year cuts, the San Diego Unified School District is leaving no stone unturned, looking at every option to save money.  That includes possible school closures.

There are 17 schools on a list being considered for potential closure, all but one have an enrollment of fewer than 300 students.

The district believes closing these smaller schools will save money in administrative costs.
Today, there was a meeting of an advisory committee set up to look at the possibility of school closures.

At the meeting were parents from Sequoia Elementary School in Clairemont who are upset about the possibility their neighborhood school could be closed. They are also upset they were not told by the District this was under consideration.

The district says this is all very preliminary and if the idea goes forward to the board, there will be plenty of time for public comment. Bill Kowba, the chief Logistics Officer for the District, also said given the budget crisis, "every option is on the table. We have to look at all choices."
The committee will give a preliminary report to the superintendent before the holidays, with a final report due in January. Then the Superintendent will decide whether it should be taken to the board, which would hold meetings, with an opportunity for public comment.

Parents, though, are worried saying time is of the essence, especially if the proposal should become a reality, and becomes effective in the fall of 2009.

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