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1.3M RSVP to Attend Quinceañera After Family Invites ‘Everyone' in Video

Airlines offered fare discounts to Mexico and the internet was asked to choose a dance escort in anticipation of one girl's 15th birthday.

When a family's invitation to a girl's fifteenth birthday party become a viral sensation with memes galore, over 1.3 million people RSVP'd saying they would like to attend.

Police will reportedly be deployed to the family's village in Mexico to provide extra security, after a Facebook event showed over 1.3 million people planning to attend and about 366,000 people interested in the epic Quinceañera.

Some airlines even offered discounted fare rates to La Joya, San Luis Potosoi, where the event was planned. The Facebook event includes a link to a blog that asks attendees to pick a dance escort for Rubi, including Ricky Martin and Justin Beiber as possible choices.

In a video that drew over two million views, the proud father Crescencio Ibarra stands next to his daughter Rubi, donning a tiarra and a gown, and his wife Anaelda Garcia.

"Hello, how are you? We invite you this 26 of December to the 15th birthday party of our daughter, Rubi Ibarra Garcia," Mr. Ibarra says in the video, while his daughter smiles.

He goes on to list three bands that will play and announces the winner of a horse race can win 10,000 peso, which is worth approximately $490.

At the end of the video, Ibarra says that everyone is cordially invited. The original idea was to hold the party for friends and neighbors only, but he has since confirmed he would not turn anyone away.

According to Telemundo, the video has inspired countless memes and parodies including one from famous actors such as Gale García Bernal, best known for his depiction of Rodrigo in the Mozart in the Jungle television series.

One meme shows the Mexican drug lord El Chapo escaping custody to attend the fiesta, according to Telemundo. Another meme shows the fiesta making Queen and Metallica concerts pale in comparison.

A girl's 15th birthday, her Quinceañera, is a big event in Mexico, seen as the time that she comes of age. They are often accompanied with lavish parties and live bands, while girls traditionally don puffy dresses, tiaras and makeup as they are 'queen for the day.'

It's unclear why this particular video became a viral sensation, shared over 800,000 times with endless imitations.

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