Spring Planting Jubilee at San Diego Botanic Garden

Head to Encinitas for a joyful jumpstart on herb-ing and tomato-ing up your yard.

SUDDENLY, MARCH ARRIVES, and all of the leafy planning and shrub-smart plotting we vowed to do after New Year's Day, when January and February were in full swing, somehow didn't flower. There's just so much holiday-recovering to do, and binge-watching, and comfy-pajama-ing, and, phoosh! March is here, and warmer days are to come. With warmer days come sprouty signs of spring, which means our garden should also be in full swing, or at least have a few flowers planted and seeds thrown hither and thither. If you need inspiration here, and you know warmer days are just ahead, and it is March (no calendar glances required), find ideas, pretty plants, expert advice, and more, at the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas, which is throwing a...

SPRING PLANTING JUBILEE... & Tomato Sale on Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18. The "March planting madness" event is "a plant lover's dream," one that includes all sorts of goodies to take home and lovingly set in your own soil. Herbs? Oh yes, they'll be there, and bromeliads, too, and "locally sourced and grown summer garden vegetables" from Diane's Herbs. Workshops that are filled with know-how and can-do? They are part of the springful scene, you betcha. And to keep tummy complaints at bay, there shall be vittles to buy at Two for the Road, a food truck, as well as the Feel Good Coffee Cart.

CHECK OUT ALL THAT'S SPROUTING... at this herb- and vege-focused wonderland, now, and what else the busy weekend will bring. And no worries, at all, if you didn't plan your rosemary and mint plots back in January. There's help coming up, in Encinitas, at one of the most basil-beautiful, thyme-tastic to-dos on the calendar.

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