Saucy Concert Series Helps out Pandemic-Silenced Musicians

Nikki Lane
Courtesy of Bitchin' Sauce

The Carlsbad locals famous for producing the Bitchin' Sauce brand of tasty dip/sauce/spread/hummus have now got you covered if you're a music fan, too.

Company co-founder L.A. Edwards is a musician himself (he's opened for such artists as the Beach Boys and Jefferson Starship), so it was only natural for Bitchin' Sauce to help out pandemic-challenged musicians like the Grammy-winner Lucinda Williams and the White Buffalo (another one of Edwards tourmates), using its Instagram account to livestream concerts, starting in June, while also helping the artists out financially as well.

Thursday's featured performer is Nikki Lane, who Bitchin' Sauce described as a "South Carolina dropout turned fashion designer [who] has risen to become one of Nashville’s top acts, with a distinct sound characterized by blues guitar and 60's country-pop swagger." Most of the acts featured in the series have an Americana swagger to their sound, but the music they produce is really timeless in its appeal to all fans. The concerts clock in around the 45-minute mark and kick off with short interviews.

Thursday's stream starts off at 4 p.m. and will be hosted by Edwards and his wife, Starr, who met when they were teens, then began selling their vegan, gluten-free almond-based sauces at farmer's markets before it took off; Bitchin' sauce is now available everywhere from Costco to Whole Foods.

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