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Let Your Inner Kid Shine: Lego-Inspired Bar Coming to San Diego

A pop-up bar made with 1 million bricks has imaginations running wild across the nation, and pretty soon, it will be in our backyard

Shelley Allen

A trending Lego-inspired pop-up bar is sure to bring out the child in each of us.

This spring, the traveling Brick Bar is coming to San Diego for the ultimate Lego lovers dream ... if you're 21 or older, that is.

The bar will be built up with more than 1 million Lego blocks and will feature local DJs, building competitions and table tennis tournaments.

So what, exactly, can bar-goers expect?

The club will showcase sculptures made completely from Lego bricks, an abundance of blocks for patrons to craft your own creations, music and, of course, drinks.

Photos: Lego Inspired Bar is Coming to San Diego Spring 2022

The 90-minute sessions will include building competitions where visitors can win prizes, a Lego wishing well and a table built with more than 22,000 bricks for table tennis relays.

The bar will be open March 18-19 at a secret location.

Tickets are $22 and available for purchase online.

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