Blink-182 Prep ‘California' Deluxe Album

Blink-182 prep a deluxe edition of their 2016 Grammy-nominated album "California"

Blink-182 fans might be ‘feeling this’: The hometown Grammy-nominated pop-punk juggernauts are prepping the release of a deluxe version of their 2016 studio album, “California” -- and it’ll come replete with, for all intents and purposes, an additional full-length record in tow.

After a much publicized split with founding guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge in 2015, the band hit the comeback trail last year with a No. 1 album; a seemingly never-ending, sold-out tour; and a 2017 Grammy Award nomination for Best Rock Album (they lost, but still).

Continuously full-speed ahead these days, the Poway band that recruited Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba as a full-time band member (after initially replacing DeLonge for previously scheduled tour dates), are revisiting the chart-topping album that brought them so much attention in 2016 -- with 11 brand new songs (and an acoustic version of “Bored to Death”) that includes the just-released anthem, “Parking Lot.”

According to a recent Billboard interview with original members bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker, the “California” deluxe edition is more than just a repackaged set of the original album.

“It’s almost, it’s more than a whole other record, it’s a double album at this point and it’s more of an extension of what we did in the studio earlier,” Hoppus said. “Some of the songs were songs that we did not put on the first album, but are great songs. And some are brand new that we just wrote last week, a lot of high-energy songs, punk rock, some more ballad-y songs, a little more electronic experimentation, it’s a good mix. It’s not a collection of throwaway songs, it’s like a whole other album.”

Barker followed that up with even more enthusiasm, explaining that fans will be more than pleasantly surprised.

“We’re working on the deluxe album and I got in a conversation with [producer John] Feldmann this morning. I was like, ‘Dude, we got a problem, the deluxe album might even be better than California.’ It’s a good problem to have, but, oh s---, it’s incredible. It’s kind of like a mind f--- because it should almost be a new album. But it just goes to show how natural and organic things are happening and how fun this process has been because it’s not hard to go write great songs and make fun music that we love creating and listening to. And the results are great. The deluxe album will be neck-and-neck with 'California.' It’s in no way fillers.”

The “California” deluxe version is currently up for pre-order at the band’s official website here. It drops officially on May 19. Various versions include different colored vinyl, random gifts, and a limited double-vinyl collector’s set ranging from $16.90 to $129.90 depending on which iteration you pick up. Meanwhile, the Blink-182 touring machine continues rolling, with North American, Europe, and UK dates scheduled through July.

“California” Deluxe Version track-listing (Vinyl 1 -- side A and B)

  • 1. Cynical
  • 2. Bored to Death
  • 3. She’s Out of Her Mind
  • 4. Los Angeles
  • 5. Sober
  • 6. Built This Pool
  • 7. No Future
  • 8. Home is Such a Lonely Place
  • 9. Kings of the Weekend
  • 10. Teenage Satellites
  • 11. Left Alone
  • 12. Rabbit Hole
  • 13. San Diego
  • 14. The Only Thing That Matters
  • 15. California
  • 16. Brohemian Rhapsody

"California" Deluxe version track-listing (Vinyl 2 – side A and B)

  • 1. Parking Lot
  • 2. Misery
  • 3. Good Old Days
  • 4. Don’t Mean Anything
  • 5. Hey I’m Sorry
  • 6. Last Train Home
  • 7. Wildfire
  • 8. 6/8
  • 9. Long Lost Feeling
  • 10. Bottom of the Ocean
  • 11. Can’t Get You More Pregnant
  • 12. Bored to Death (acoustic)

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