“O-jai” Want to Get Away

"OMMMM": A mere 90-minutes drive north of L.A. will take you to the artsy, outdoorsy, relaxation-y dwelling of Ojai.  Whether a gals' weekend, a romantic retreat or even a family vacay, this quintessential peaceful town has it all--with a big emphasis on R&R.  Bonus: Since the orchards are located just outside of town, your chances of stumbling upon a wine bar with some citrus-infused flavors are pretty high.  Feeling more peaceful already?

BLUE IGUANA:  Think twice before calling this indigo reptile-inspired hotel anything close to "melancholy." The Blue Iguana Inn is known as "a charming old-world style boutique villa-inn"--even dubbed "hip and stylish." Artworks from regional artists adorn the mission-style rooms; and trust us, it's worth the $109 a night to wake up to the picturesque orange and avocado grove-lined valley.  Check the packages before you book.

Once you've finished your morning mountain hike, relax with a new read from Bart’s Books--it's considered the world's greatest outdoor bookstore and it's located under a huge grapefruit tree.  And when we see anything "world's greatest", we know it's no less worthy than a five-star rating. 

How's that for zen?

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