Yosemite Bike Rentals: Now Open

Spin your pedals in the epic valley this spring.

HOW ADVENTURERS GAD ABOUT... Yosemite Valley is really a matter of personal preference, like just about everything in this lovely life. True, some modes of movement do tend to catch the eye, such as when you see climbers way, way, way up the side of El Capitan, or a group rafting along the Merced River. Some people prefer to trot in sight of Half Dome, in the saddle of a spectacular steed, while others like the old-school, always informative charms of the famous open-air tram. In fact, there are so many ways to ramble/ride/scale/roll around the beloved national park that it might be challenging to try them all, at least over the course of a short vacation. But if you're all about wheels, as in two wheels, as in the wheels that sit below a pair of shiny handlebars, you can find that freedom and whoosh-of-air in Yosemite as well, at the Bike Rental Stand, located at Yosemite Valley Lodge. It isn't open all year, not with inclement but gorgeous weather and such happening in the winter, but when the first full month of spring settles in, you can bet the stand'll open. As it did on...

TUESDAY, APRIL 11, just ahead of National Park Week. That's when Yosemite will waive its entrance fee over four, count 'em, four fabulous weekend days, on April 15, 16, 22, and 23. A standard bike rental is twelve bucks per hour, and you'll want to rent your helmet for an additional fiver, if you didn't bring your own. The bike-flavored page on the Travel Yosemite page has a suggested ride, as well as the all-important opening and closing hours. For sure, plan a pony ride, or a river run, or a tram tour, or even climb, if that's your joyful jam, but if bikes are where your bliss is at, and Yosemite is a happy place, then feel the fizz: You can now score a cycle, for an hour or two, in one of the world's most scenic cycling spots.

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