La Quinta Gains an Unusual Sand Sculpture

Sand-sculpture artists will build a big big-horned sheep out of sand.

La Quinta Resort & Club

OFFBEAT WELCOME: If you've been to La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, you likely keep a few images of your time there tucked away in the noggin. Such as? Well, you probably picture a pool or two or a few dozen, given the fact that the property has over 40. You might picture flowers, which with the Spanish-tiled plaza has plenty of, pretty much year-round. Or you could see the Christmas tree that is lit up near the lobby each December. But we're pretty certain you've never pictured a big-horned sheep. Make that a big-horned sheep constructed out of sand. Make that a 35-ton big-horned sheep sculpture constructed out of sand. Nope? That didn't spring to mind right away when we asked you to picture the resort? Yep. Us neither. But that's what will arrive at the historic landmark around Valentine's Day. And when we say "arrive" we mean that's what will be painstakingly constructed by a team of sand-sculpting artists.

MEET THE SANDGUYS: You've seen the sheep's builders on the Travel Channel if you've ever watched "Sand Masters" (yep, it is a series devoted to the sand-based arts). They'll be fashioning some 35 tons of sand into a very impressively sized sheep, complete with big horns. The sheep will in fact be five-foot by fifteen-foot by eight-foot, making it a bit larger than the desert sheep native to the area (oh, we kid; the sculpture will be significantly bigger). Two sand lambs will stand nearby.

DATES: The sand arrives at the resort on Wednesday, Feb. 13. Building starts in earnest on Feb. 14 and wraps around the 18th or 19th. Can't make it out? La Quinta will post about the progress on its Facebook page.

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