Waggers and Waves: Bow Wow Brunch Cruise

Help out hounds while brunching (and showing off your own pup, in costume).

Helen Woodward Animal Center

ONTO THE WATER: When you pack for a day out on the Big H2O, you likely gather up the sunscreen, the sunglasses, the boat shoes, and a hat (preferably with a chin strap; you don't want to give that thing away, courtesy of sudden gust, to the dolphins, who probably wouldn't wear it anyway). But rare is the day we pack a leash, a collar, and clean-up bags, because rare is the day our dog accompanies us out onto the Pacific. Pacific-adjacent, at a dog beach, is one thing, but boats and barkers are a fairly unusual combo, unless you yourself own a yacht, which, we hope, is named after your dog. Hornblower Cruises is changing that, for a day, all to lend some love, funds, and attention to the Helen Woodward Animal Center of Rancho Santa Fe. Nope, the sail won't be in Rancho Santa Fe -- obvs. -- but on the San Diego Bay, where people and their canine cap'ns shall walk the gangway onto deck of a Hornblower Sunday Champagne Brunch Cruise. The company calls the Bow Wow Brunch Cruise "the only dog friendly San Diego brunch cruise anywhere!" and if brunch, San Diego, cruises, and dogs are your thing, best be at the Grape St. Pier on Sunday, Oct. 19.

OH RIGHT: You'll also want to put your wee wagger in costume, since this is the Sunday before the Sunday before Halloween. There's a costume contest, you betcha, with prizes, but more people-oriented festivities, too, including the aforementioned brunch and bubbly. Dogs get their own buffet and cold water bowls, plus a shaded area on deck and a private table with you (lest they're shy ones, as some pups are). A dog training expert shall be on board, too, offering tips and solutions to our forever problems. (If you constantly repeat "it's the mailman, it's the mailman, it's the mailman" at your barker, perhaps raise the issue with the expert.) Cost? Eighty bucks, and the Helen Woodward Animal Center gets some of the proceeds. Ahoy!

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