Two Bunch Palms: Coachella Deal

Seek out serenity at a Desert Hot Springs gem.

IF YOU'RE INTO THE FESTIVAL SCENE, you know that it can be, at times, on the hectic side. There is the socializing aspect, yes, and the seeing of friends and acquaintances, but there's also the need to reach the concert grounds, and the procuring of vittles and beverages, and the general rush-and-go that comes before your favorite band ever takes the stage. With this in mind, a number of hotels and inns around the desert resort cities are brewing up some stay-overs, including those places that keep it on the quiet, peaceful, bliss-out side of things. Few desert destinations can lay claim to those qualities like Two Bunch Palms, the Desert Hot Springs oasis that holds fast to a calm vibe. There are those famous mud baths, too, and the Grotto with its "two carved pool areas... one of the few mineral springs with no sulfurous odor, just a woodsy scent." It's an ideal destination to do the whole wind-down thing if you're headed to the...

COACHELLA MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL: That's lively, hoo boy, so finding a retreat that's chill is a good move. And here's another good move: Two Bunch Palms is offering a Coachella special, one that's available from April 17 through April 24. Book and see 15% shaved off your stay, not to mention a credit worth $50 (that can be used at the spa; also, it's per room). Are you thinking of calling upon the beautiful desert during one of its most bustling moments? Find your Grotto, your quiet, some roadrunners and desert breezes, and a discount, too, at Two Bunch Palms.

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