Next Year’s Holiday Card: Vegas Neon at Night

The Neon Museum opens up to evening shutterbugs on the day after New Year's.

Neon Museum

THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER... is the time for a lot of very specific experiences, the sort of occurrences that only happen within a small window during a particular time of year. The middle third of the month is devoted to any one of the following happenings, for many people: An attempt at making a first fruitcake, a second attempt at a better fruitcake, the haphazard purchasing of last-minute stocking stuffers, the rearranging of travel plans, and the organizing of a spontaneous caroling party. Let us also add that list this common theme: holiday cards. Yep, the cards kind of sort have to be done, or at least in process, when you're a week out from Christmas, if you want them to arrive by Christmas. So the solution is always this: Think about next year's cards a year beforehand. Take the picture the previous December. Don't start scrambling just days ahead of the yuletide, nope. If this appeals, and you're looking to wow your crowd in twelve months, and step out of the bounds of the usual card pictorials, check it out: The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is holding another pretty-rare, very-limited attendance photography night at the sign-filled destination.

ICONIC SNAPSHOTS: It's scheduled for Jan. 2, which we like to call "One of the Easy-Breeziest Days of the Year," a time when obligations are few but the holidays have officially wrapped. So you can hightail for Sin City, with your camera in tow, and spend an evening hour snapping the gorgeous ye-olde-Strip-signage of yore. You won't be able to use the pics for commercial reasons, but holiday cards and personal use are a-ok. So you see what we're saying, right? If you plan now, right now, and jump in one of those coveted spots, you can have your 2014 cards locked up, month ahead of time, instantly de-stressing next December in the process. Tour cost is $75 bucks and the evening hour itself? That's at the oh-so-wintry time of 4 to 5 p.m.

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