Meet Edie, The Claremont’s ‘Canine Ambassador’

A Pittsburgh celebrity makes her debut at the Berkeley landmark.

LET'S NOT GET ALL GUSHY... Hold up. Wait. Yes, let's get gushy, because the notion of striding into a stylish hotel and being greeted by a licky, lovable, treat-craving, scratch-my-ears "ambassador" would thoroughly melt anyone's business-like exterior. The fact is, though, that most hotels don't have such ambassadors, and entering the building, and checking in, is, for the most part, 100% devoid of any dog kisses. Sometimes something enchanted happens, though, especially when an historical property is the enchanted story's location. Which all leads to this: The Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel has a brand-new four-footed staffer named Edie.

THIS IS THE VERY EDIE... that charmed Pittsburgh, and even made the cover of Pittsburgh Magazine, when she served as the canine ambassador at the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel. She "retired" with a move to the West Coast, but she clearly craved her calling, which is greeting, charming, and loving upon hotel guests. Edie was "trained in the assistant dog program at Circle Tail, Inc. in Ohio" but she soon trotted her way to a career in hotels, and her current position, as an ambassador for the landmark Berkeley property. Does she sport a nametag? Yes. (Cue "awwws.") Does she have an email address and her own Instagram? Please. You know this superstar must have both, because her fans will want to see and know about her day-to-day, regularly.

MIGHT YOU COME ACROSS SWEET EDIE, upon your arrival at The Claremont, savoring a fancy treat or lounging in her bed, which is adjacent to the concierge desk? You definitely could. The short (tail) of it? A dog in a grand hotel lobby feels like a touching way to connect guests with a touch of home. That Edie is so adorable, and approachable, only ups that cuddlesome connection.

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