Laguna Beach Fest’s 80-Day Giveaway

The Festival of the Arts is turning 80 this year and fans get the gifts.

Pageant of the Masters

LAGUNA LOVELY: The Festival of the Arts, Laguna Beach's longtime, summertime cultural extravaganza, is probably one of those multi-faceted events that doesn't need a lot of promotion. After eight decades of art-nice goodness, a lot of Californians know about it, and a whole lot of people outside of the state, too. It also helps that one of the sparkly gems of the festival is the oh-so-famous Pageant of the Masters, which a lot of people would refer to "as that stage event where people stand around, frozen-like, while impersonating paintings." The Festival is turning 80 this year -- we're not sure how many people playing statue that adds up to, but our guess is a few thousand -- and to mark the grand occasion they're launching "80 Days of Giveaways" on the fest's Facebook page on Tuesday, May 1.

WHAT'S IN THE GRAB BAG: Let's cut to the chase: A pair of Pageant of the Master tickets will be the first prize given out (there's also a dinner for two at Tivoli Terrace and some other goodies). Do you love this? So many giveways wait for the very end to distribute the big ticket item. But there are loads of other swell things in store for the 80-day online party -- like a swanky stay at the Montage Laguna Beach -- so you'll want to follow along on Facebook. Even if you don't win, best get on those Pageant tickets early. They book up fast, at least the rows closest to the stage. And, really, don't you want to be right up there, to see when one of those statues blinks? The Festival of the Arts opens on July 1.

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