John Hughes Holiday Songfest

HOLIDAY ROAD: If you like movies and you like the '80s -- and that's pretty much everyone, right? -- then you know your John Hughes-based events. The Ferris Bueller anniversary nights and the "Pretty in Pink" proms. But have you been to a John Hughes singalong? We haven't, either, but now we're thinking we should correct that immediately. After all, the films we love are loaded with tunes that continue to resonate -- think "If You Leave" by OMD or  Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road" (from "Pretty in Pink" and "National Lampoon's Vacation," respectively). And several of those films happen to have holiday bents. The Thanksgiving-y "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" is one such flick, but even the movies not set on a holiday continue to be watched, en masse, come our own holidays, so calling them holiday classics is apt. Now the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs will be stirring up the "Oh Yeah"-sweet songs for a night of John Hughes-sweet songs.

DETAILS: It's happening on Friday, Dec. 16. A ticket is $20, and the hotel has some stay-over details related to the event. "Showbiz alums from Broadway and Hollywood" will lead the "live soundtrack songs." Come. On. This is the fizzy pre-holiday drink we're all longing for around mid-December. The Ace recommends you wear a loud holiday sweater. We'd also dig up a shiny-backed vest like Ferris wore. Remember those? Let's start a comeback.

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