Is That All You’ve Got?

A run that's sure to keep you motivated and dedicated.

MCRD Bootcamp Challenge

LEFT RIGHT LEFT: Are you lacking the drive to push yourself in your workouts? Or perhaps you're tired of your usual running routines? Either way, it's time to slip on those sneakers and build up some stamina at MCRD San Diego's 2013 Bootcamp Challenge on Sept. 28.

You've seen the messy runs and the crazy costume races, but they've got nothing on this track. Make your way through over 50 obstacles similar to those found in Marine Corps boot camps including hay jumps, tunnel crawls, log hurdles, six-foot walls, trenches, cargo nets, and more. Don't even think about sandbagging it -- USMC drill sergeants will be at each station to make sure that you've completed it to their satisfaction, and to keep you motivated in true Marine Corp fashion. After you've finished the three-mile course, grab your race t-shirt and a $2 beer (if you're 21 and over, of course).

THIS ONE IS MINE: The challenge takes place at 9 a.m., and registrants are encouraged to arrive earlier for entry and packet pickup. Pre-registration is available through Sept. 25 online, and you can race either as an individual or in a team. Late registration is available on the day of the event and will cost you a few bucks more. Awards are given to top finishers in their group, and additional merchandise is available for purchase at the event and at MCRD. For more information and to purchase tickets, check out the event website.

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