Hotel La Jolla Celebrates San Diego’s “Kids Free Month”

"Treats and amenities" are part of the sweet stay-over deal.

Hotel La Jolla

KIDS FREE MONTH: When people first hear the legend of Kids Free Month in San Diego, which happens to be October each and every year, it sounds like just that: a fairy tale, a legend, something that can't be real, something covered in glitter and pixie sprinkles. Because it is one thing for a couple of places to offer a couple of average discounts over a couple of weekdays, but quite another for dozens of high-profile institutions to waive children's admissions for a full twelfth of the calendar year. And for restaurants and trains and other businesses to jump on the money-savin', family-pleasin' wagon is applause-worthy, too. Wait. Are you still slack-jawed over this? You know about Kids Free Month, right? Please, take a moment and scan the serious goodness.

YOU BACK? Excellent. We're still thinking of October, and all of those savings, and we're thinking of those families that a) don't live in town or b) want to do a fun in-town or close-to-town getaway. It turns out local hotels are part of the October-y awesomeness, too, and we're pretty sweet on some of the extras. Hotel La Jolla is on the happy bandwagon, and is offering completely gratis "treats and amenities" for younger guests during the month. "A welcome gift from the hotel's 'treasure chest'" is one such fun thing, as is an animal print robe for them to don "during their stay." Fireside s'mores in the evening and complimentary bike rental are on the docket, too. You've taken the family to Children's Pool, right, to see all of the sunning seals? A must, must, must do. (We just typed that three times, for emphasis).

GET THE 411: For more on Hotel La Jolla's kid-nice October, and all of the upcoming packages, click away. And no: We totally weren't joking about Kids Free Month in San Diego. It's no fairy tale, but one of the best times of the year in one of the best cities on this or any other planet.

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