Go to Catalina, for Free, Every Day, for 100 Days

The Catalina Express has an offbeat way to mark Avalon's centennial.

Catalina Express

WE'RE IMAGINING NOW... what the conversation might be with your boss should you enter and win one of the zaniest and yet most intriguing travel contests to come down the pike in some time. The contest is this: Catalina Express, the "leading boat transportation" between the mainland and Catalina Island, will give away 100 free trips to the island between July 12 and Oct. 22. Now, if you're thinking to yourself, "awww, that's nice, a whole bunch of people will get a nice day out in Avalon" wait for it: Those 100 trips will all go to one person. That's one. Meaning this: If you're so inclined, and you win, you could board a boat, room permitting, every single day during that window and head for Avalon. No, we're not joking. Yes, this is real. Yes, the winner should totally try and go each day over the 100 days, just to say they did it.

NOW, ABOUT YOUR BOSS: How will you break the news that you won? Will you say "look, can we work out my schedule, because I just won 100 trips to Catalina Island but I have to take them all in a row between these dates?" Your boss will understand and try and work with you on this, right?

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: The Facebook contest launched on Wednesday, June 26, in honor of Avalon's centennial. (Happy centennial, Avalon! You're pretty and historic and we like you.) Go check out the deets and enter and we hope, we really do, that you win. And yeah, we said "deets" like we're all cool or something, but, c'mon. This is kind of an epic contest, and we don't want to hear that the person who wins went once or twice. 100 DAYS, PEOPLE. Yeah, we pulled out the big caps, but, please. This couple went to Disneyland every day for a full year, and then some. You can hit Catalina every day for a mere three months plus a week, right?

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