Food & Wine Fest at Disney California Adventure

April weekends will brim with bites and sips from the Golden State. (May 1, too.)

ASK ANY AFICIONADO... of Disney California Adventure where one might buy a pickle or a bread bowl full of clam chowder or the perfect ice cream cone or a caramel apple themed to "Frozen" or Minnie Mouse, and they'll tell you not just the place but the quickest path to get there. Why do so many people possess this particular knowledge? It's as simple as whistling along to "When You Wish Upon a Star": Food is an essential component to any Disneyland Resort visit, and chocolate-dipped Mickey ears or a bucket of straight-from-the-cart popcorn is as much a part of some visitors' experiences as a ride on California Screamin' or Grizzly River Run. But Disney California Adventure will throw a few flavorful twists into that pool of shared food knowledge in April, when the Food & Wine Festival arrives at the theme park.

WEEKENDS IN APRIL: The edible extravaganza isn't happening on each and every day of the fourth month, but on the weekends, with Sunday, May 1 included. If you don't fill up on character-cute cupcakes, or the delicious queso at Carthay Circle Restaurant, you best make for the new Festival Marketplaces, where "guests can sip and savor delicious flavors from throughout the state of California." It isn't all about the noshing, though; know-how is a mondo component of the festival, with chef-led demos and seminars taking the forefront, in addition to the great tastes on display.

DOES THIS MEAN... you still have to give up your dill pickle, the one you look forward to for days ahead of your Disneyland Resort visit? No way; half (or more) of the fun of a theme park re-visit is finding those snacks you connected with during earlier trips. But best swing by the Food & Wine Festival to see what's up, what's cooking, what's to learn, and what's to try. More info'll be heading down the pike soon, as quickly as California Screamin' takes off at launch. (5, 4, 3, 2, 1...)

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