Fly Through the Pines

Put some zip in your weekend plans with a tour through the trees.


TREE-FOR-ALL: As August comes to a close, it's time to face the end of another fun-filled summer. If you're feeling a little low about the season's end, consider elevating your Labor Day festivities with a weekend trip to the Navitat zipline park. Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, Navitat offers two adventurous tours that have enough speed and variety for even the most hardcore adrenaline junkies. Aside from 135 feet high, 50 mile-per-hour ziplines through massive Ponderosa pines, sky-goers also partake in free-fall rappels and Indiana-Jones-style bridges across gaping canyons. Tours finish off with hikes that reveal mountain views and expansive wilderness.

THE FAST AND THE FOLIAGE: Daredevils who are green at heart will be happy with Navitat's preservationist attitude. The company strives to make itself an industry standard for environmental stewardship, and even employs an on-site education and conservation director to ensure the livelihood and longevity of the trees and their surroundings.

SAVE SOME GREEN: True mountain sport lovers will want to take a side trip to the Mountain High Season Pass Party on August 31. Not only can you purchase Mountain High season passes for less than half their normal price, but you’ll also score a discounted rate for Navitat tours. Tours range from $99-$129 on the weekends, or you can purchase an all-day zipline package for $195. Reservations are required and groups are encouraged, so get your friends together and end this summer on a high note.

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