Desert Wildflowers in Bloom

Thanks to wet winter desert blooms have begun

Now is the time to check out the desert wildflowers east of San Diego.

It's been a wet year in San Diego and some of the best evidence of this can be found in the eastern most region of the county, the Anza-Borrego Desert

Images: Desert Blooms

The flowers will be out for an Easter weekend trip and through the rest of Spring Break according to Betsy Knaak, Executive Director of the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association & Borrego Desert Nature Center.

Knaak reports that when visitors arrive in downtown Borrego Springs, near the Borrego Desert Nature Center and the round-about that is Christmas Circle, they will notice the Palo Verde trees in full bloom with yellow canopies.

"Also in full bloom now are the bright pink blossoms of the beavertail cactus, and the red, flame-tipped Ocotillo, and the pretty yellow windmill flowers of the creosote," she adds.

To get some idea of what you're missing or what you'll see if you plan on making the 90 minute drive east, take a look at this desert  website dedicated to desert blooms.

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