Cross-Country Flight

The Red Bull Flugtag competition goes national, with a stop in Long Beach.

Red Bull

GOT WINGS?: Gravity is one of those laws of physics that can be a bit tricky for humans. However, thanks to some very smart people and over a century of advancements, we've been able to soar through the skies like elegant eagles. That is, until Red Bull created its Flugtag event, which is taking place this Saturday, Sept. 21 in Long Beach.

This year marks the first time in over two decades that Red Bull has made it's annual Flugtag a regional competition, pitting teams from Washington D.C., Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Chicago, and Long Beach against each other. Within each city, multiple teams will submit self-constructed gliders with a maximum wingspan of 28 feet. The gliders (which are often more creature than plane) will then be launched by their pilots over a 30-foot ramp to test their aerodynamic credentials. Those that don't take flight will end up in the icy waters below. Spoiler alert: most don't, but that's sort of the best part.

Spectators can vote for their favorite team online or via text and check their status on the interactive leader board. San Diego has two teams in the running (Flying Pizzas and The Illuminaughty) so be sure to give them some ups.

UP AND AWAY: The event is free and it starts at 10 a.m. at Rainbow Harbor. Check out the website for more information on transportation options, teams, event location, and more.

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