“Battleship of Presidents” Museum

The USS Iowa berths in the Port of Los Angeles.

Jeremy Bonelle of Pacific Battleship Center

ICON ARRIVES: The USS Iowa, a massive battleship that not only welcomed Franklin D. Roosevelt but spent much of World War II traveling the Panama Canal and the Pacific, has had many a memorable journey. But her most recent foray from Richmond in the Bay Area to San Pedro at the Port of Los Angeles certainly has to go down in the annals as one of her most famous. That's because the 887-foot ship was headed for her new home as a museum in San Pedro. And, after a Memorial Day Saturday departure, she did arrive outside Los Angeles. Now, on Saturday, June 9, she will be towed by a quartet of tug boats to Berth 87, which will be her end destination. While the June 9 party, which will included bagpipes and a fireboat escort, is for invited guests only, people are looking ahead to Saturday, July 7, when the USS Iowa opens as an interactive naval museum.

FACTS GALORE: There are so many fascinating facts about this giant ship, both regarding her size, functions, and the campaigns she served in, that we can only imagine a history buff'll need to spend the better part of a day at the USS Iowa. So might we suggest getting a primer before making for San Pedro? The Battleship of Presidents -- that's her nickname -- has a pretty comprehensive site. To track the July 7 opening, and find out more about Iowa, read on.

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