Anaheim Eek: Hatbox Ghost Goes Holiday

The newest (yet old) addition to the Haunted Mansion is in the seasonal spirit.


LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU: We'll assume, if you're a Disneyland fan, the kind of person who knows the deep trivia about the windows along Main Street and how the Monorail works, that you know all about the re-introduction of the famous Hatbox Ghost into the Haunted Mansion earlier this spring. A longtime vintage favorite, the Hatbox Ghost had vaporized -- well, like a ghost -- early on in the spooky attraction's run, but fans clamored to see it again. And see they have, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the best-known theme park on the planet. But if you haven't yet been in the Haunted Mansion, since May of 2015, you may want to "la la la" and cover your eyes right now, for we're about to talk more about this impressive spirit and his exact location. (The eye-covering should begin now, if you don't want location info.) He's located just beyond the attic of the attraction, and you're bound to hear the word "attic" mentioned quite a bit while standing in the queue these days, as people advise their friends where to watch for him. The old ghost is, in a sense, very new, which is creating a different dimension for Halloween Time at Disneyland: What will the Hatbox Ghost be wearing?  

A VERY CHEERFUL HAT... that reflects the Mansion's Christmas-sweet themes. Well, "very cheerful" might be a stretch -- it's still a top hat, as befits the Hatbox Ghost, but check out the yuletide-themed sprig on the side. Of course, this isn't the only new sight in the attraction, which revealed its annual "Nightmare Before Christmas" decorations on Friday, Sept. 11. The gingerbread house in the ballroom changes each year, going with a fresh look (and scent). As for the 2015 gingerbread wonder? Cover your eyes and "la la la" if you don't want to know, but here it is: The pastry palace is "a towering house of cards," lending "Alice in Wonderland" overtones to the Haunted Mansion. (We do love a subtle crossover so.) Ready to see the new (old) ghost in his yuletide chapeau and this year's gingerbread creation? The "Nightmare" meets Haunted Mansion holiday extravaganza stays spooky through the beginning of 2016.

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