Airstream Getaway & Classic Drive-In

Escalante, Utah is offering an experience that's out of this era - literally - making it a destination you  may want to include on your next roadtrip.

The Hollywood Hotel: Classic movie fans from all over the world come to the Shooting Star Drive-In Resort to experience the golden age of drive-ins. Surrounded by canyon country and spectacular scenery, like the Escalante Mountains and the Dixie National Forest, the Shooting Star Drive-In offers more than just that old Hollywood feel.

Deluxe Movie Star Trail
ers: Guests of the Shooting Star Drive-In Resort stay in Hollywood star-themed Airstream trailers. The vintage trailers that stars of old would dress in on set are yours for the weekend. Except of course that the 2011 versions come with 630-count sheets, satellite radio, a kitchen and a deck with a barbecue.

The Passion Pit: The neatest part about staying at this destination is the opportunity to watch a famous Hollywood movie while sitting in a nifty classic convertible, just like they did at the drive-in. (Memories of Sandy and Danny Zuko anyone?) From classic flip-tops, guests can sit in on old-fashioned cartoons and Hollywood flicks from 1946-1969. You can even take a break and visit the  snack shack.

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